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What is Reiki?

Reiki (pronounced Reiki) is a form of hands-on healing. The person receiving Reiki either sitsin a chair or lays on a massage couch.

Traditional approaches to health such as Chinese Medicine and other Far Eastern cultures have long recognised that there is a subtle energy that forms everything in creation. It's referred to as Qi, Ki or Prana. In Traditional Chinese Medicine the qi flows through energy channels in the body called meridians. In other approaches the energy flows via an energy field surrounding a person - the aura - and is distributed around the body by chakras. These are vortexes of spinning energy.

A Reiki practitioner has learned about this energy and received 'attunements' that enable them to access it. They can transmit the Reiki to themselves and other people - they become a conduit for this energy of the Universe. Reiki is a non-dualistic, loving vibration that has an intelligence that knows where it is most required by the recipients system.

Reiki was developed by a Japanese Buddhist called Mikao Usui in the early 20th century. It was brought to the West by Mrs Hawayo Takata and there are many, many different forms of Reiki today.

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How does it feel to receive a Reiki treatment?

Whether laying on a massage couch or sitting in a chair, most people experience a Reiki session as deeply relaxing. There are similarities with the gong bath effects - brainwaves are altered and the frequency slowed down. The recipients system absorbs the healing energy and it will flow to where it is most needed.
During the session the practitioner may move their hands to different positions on the clients body - taking care not to place them in any intrusive positions. It is not even necessary to make contact at all if the person would prefer a 'hands-off' approach.
There may be sensations of heat on the area where the practitioner is working. Some people feel the energy move around the body. Some people feel nothing but deep relaxation. It is like any other energy treatment, in that each person experiences it in their own way.
I have been offering hands-on healing for over 25 years now and for 14 of those I have worked with Reiki. I have never had anyone who hasn't had a warm, relaxing and pleasant experience.
Reiki is deceptively powerful. It feels very gentle yet can effect great change and healing where needed.
It can be transmitted across great distances - the recipient doesn't even need to be in the same country! Distant Reiki healing is carried out with great success by many practitioners.
It works on animals and children too, which is a good indication that it isn't simply placebo effect at play.

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What is an 'attunement' and can anyone learn Reiki?

One of the joys of Reiki is that anyone can learn to do it if they have the desire to do so. A Reiki Master Teacher is someone who has received all the attunements necessary to be able to pass them on to others. To understand what an attunement is it helps to imagine it's like adjusting an aerial on a radio to pick up a particular station. Everyone has the potential to tune-in to the Reiki frequency. A Reiki Master can align a students own vibration with that of the Reiki, switching their ability on, as it were. This is done in a short ritual and is a special moment along the path to becoming a Reiki practitioner.
There are different levels of training to become a Reiki practitioner:
Reiki I - this introduces the student to the concept of universal energy via various exercises and meditations. The history of Reiki is covered and there the first of the attunements. The course usually runs over a two day weekend or, occasionally, one evening a week for four consecutive weeks. If the student is already working with another energy therapy, or wants to refresh their Reiki training it is possible to do the course over one day.
After the course, students are encouraged to spend some time giving themselves Reiki treatments before coming back for Level II.
Reiki II - this is also a two day weekend course and goes into more depth regarding the application of Reiki. Students receive further attunements and spend more time practising Reiki on each other. When they finish the weekend they are equipped with all they need to be able to continue to self-treat and also be able offer Reiki to other people.
Reiki II (often called Reiki Master)- another weekend course. The students understanding of their Reiki practice deepens and they become ready to make the commitment to take the path of Reiki Teacher.

Some people are happy with what they learn in Level I and never go onto Level II. It is enough to become aware of energy and to be able to use the Reiki practice in their own lives.
The courses I offer are thorough. I have the utmost respect for Reiki as a mindful practice and it has become a way of life for me. I honour what it has brought to my own life in my teaching of it. I aim to make the courses engaging, informative - a time for sharing and connecting to the loving Reiki vibration.

What is a Reiki share?

A Reiki share is a regular meetup for Reiki practitioners of all levels. The shares that I host are usually over an evening for 2 -2.5 hours or so. We do a meditation or two and share our experiences of giving and receiving Reiki. We also give each other treatments. The group sizes are kept small so each person gets maximum opportunity to develop their Reiki practice.
Reiki share groups are an excellent way of networking with other like-minded Reiki people, developing our skills and getting some healing for ourselves.
Please have a look on the Events & Course page to see when the groups are scheduled.

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