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What are Bach Flower Essences?

Bach (pronounced 'Batch') Flower Essences are a collection of 38 different flower essences. They can be used individually or in combination - usually a maximum of 7 or 8 individual essences in one combination.
The Essences work to bring our emotional state back in to balance. So, for example, if a person is experiencing a lot of pre-exam fear it may hamper their ability to study. Taking the remedy Mimulus (which is for known fears) would help soothe the anxiety. If taken with Larch (for confidence) then it could make all the difference to the students success.
They can be taken to help bring any emotional state back into balance including:
Low mood
Grief and sadness
Overwhelmed with responsibility

A consultation takes up to an hour and we discuss the feelings and situation around them. A selection of about 7 or 8 individual essences will be made and a few drops of each added to a dropper bottle. This is topped up with spring water and taken on the tongue, 4 drops at least 4 times a day.

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When would someone benefit from taking Bach Flower Essences?

A lot of the time our emotional balance rights itself. We all have our own ways to support ourselves during difficult times. Maybe keeping busy during worrisome periods in our lives might distract us from the problems we face. Talking things over with a friend, regular exercise or simply letting time heal our tender hearts are all good, effective ways to cope with emotionally charged times.
There are periods, though, when the mood or emotion just will not shift. These are often around times of change in our lives such as:
Divorce, separation or breakdown of a relationship
Ill health, acute or chronic
There are also other challenges such as periods of study and exams, starting a new job or coping with losing employment. Taking Essences can really help our feelings to get acknowledged, for us to gain some clarity and for our emotional balance to be restored.

Bach Flower Essences can also be invaluable for someone who is consciously trying to understand themselves better, physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually. I have had a lot of experience helping people identify their 'type' remedy. This is the emotional imbalance that is their 'default' setting - the way they always react when under stress. It might be that they fall into fear, or become hyper-critical of others or avoid conflict entirely. Or any number of reactions. A consultation can help reveal what a person's standard response is and help to find the appropriate essence for it.

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