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Reflexology is a way of treating a persons health and well-being through the feet. Some reflexologists will also work on hands and face. Along with massage of the feet, reflexology uses different techniques to work on areas that correspond to different organs and systems in the body. By manipulating these points on the feet stagnant energy can be moved and helped to flow more freely.
Reflexology treatments last an hour and are generally very relaxing. Benefits of regular reflexology treatments may include:
Better sleep
Increased energy
Improved health
Decreased stress levels
Improved digestion
Less anxiety
Fewer migraines or headaches

Although it is not clear exactly how reflexology works, the acceptance of it as a positively beneficial complementary therapy has grown over the last thirty years. Many hospices offer treatments to patients and it has had much success in helping with pain management.
To gain maximum benefit a course of 6 weekly sessions is recommended. Following this a monthly treatment is often enough to keep well-being at an optimal level.

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