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Price Guide for treatments and courses

These prices are a guide to treatment and course costs.
There are often seasonal discounts and offers available, so please do ask.

Sound Therapy

There are two ways to experience a gong sound meditation:

One-to-one session - duration 1.5 hours: £50
This will include an initial consultation and a post-session 'grounding' period
so you are fully back-to-earth before you leave the sound space.
It is possible to share this session with a friend if you would like to. Please contact me
to discuss this option.

Mid-week group gong relaxation - allow 1.25 hours: £12 per person
Weekend group gong sound meditation - allow 2 hours: £15 per person
These are generally held in my dedicated therapy space which can accommodate up to 6 people.
Occasionally, larger group sessions will be held at a bigger venue. at a cost of £12 per session

Group gong baths make a uniquely different way to celebrate a special event, such as significant birthday, hen party etc. Do contact me to discuss a bespoke gong sound meditation. Prices for this will depend upon numbers and venue location.

Reiki treatments

Reiki treatment - duration 1 hour: £30

Reiki is received fully-clothed either laying on a massage couch or sitting in a chair.
Sessions include an initial consultation and Reiki is channelled for about 40-45 minutes.

Reiki Courses

I offer three levels of Reiki teaching:

Level I - Newcomers to Reiki and energy healing - duration 1 day: £150
It is suggested that you take 6 months to settle in to your Reiki I practice before booking in for Reiki II

Level II - Deepening your Reiki practice and offering healing to others - duration 2 days: £250 (includes 4 Reiki shares for continuing development)
It is suggested that 12 months is allowed for you to practice with your Reiki II before seeking to take Reiki III

Level III - Reiki III - Committing to your Reiki practice and to teaching others - duration 2 days: £450

If you would like full details of what each course covers, please email me directly.

Reiki Shares

Every 4-6 weeks I provide an opportunity to meet with other practitioners to share our experiences, ask questions and practice our hands-on Reiki. It's also a wonderful chance to receive some Reiki.
Duration - 2-3 hours: £10


Reflexology treatment - duration - 1st treatment 1.5 hours: £35
This allows for full consultation and 45 minutes reflexology treatment.
A treatment is experienced fully-clothed, just shoes and socks removed, lying on a massage couch. It is possible to lie on a reclining chair if preferred.

Subsequent treatments - duration 1 hour: £30

There are often discounted offers for reflexology - contact me for details.

Bach Flower Remedies

Bach Flower Consultation - duration 1 hour: £30 (includes personal remedy)

This is a talking treatment during which we discuss your situation, your feelings and how you would like to move forward. The price includes your own personal remedy mix to take away with you.

These sessions can be conducted online (via email or meeting on Skype/Zoom) or by telephone. The personal mix will be posted to you after the consultation.

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